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The System 7 Token

Token Shield

Introducing SYS7 Token: Your Gateway to the Future of Asset Management and Passive Income


Welcome to the world of SYS7 Token, where finance meets innovation. SYS7, short for System 7, is more than just a cryptocurrency; it's a transformative investment ecosystem designed to empower you with unique opportunities and financial rewards.


Name: System7 Token

Symbol: SYS7

Network: Maxx Chain (ChainID 10201)

Total Supply: 200 Billion Tokens
Released Supply: 60 Billion Tokens





Taxes on Buys / Sells not on transfers

Initial Token Deployment


30% token supply released as LP on MaxxSwap

10% to allocate to marketing wallet

10% Developer holdings for future works

20% Core Investor tokens to be used for lp additions

30% Uncirculated, Locked and for future release with pairs Including Stable Coin

Coming Soon
Buy System7 Token

Other places to purchase

System7 on Maxx Chain

Setup Maxx Chain to get on System7

Add network to your wallet

Network Name: MaxxChain

Chain ID: 10201


Participate in Real World Asset Management

SYS7 Token opens the door to a new era of asset management, allowing you to bridge the digital and real worlds. Here's how it works:
1. Asset Integration

SYS7 token holders can actively engage with real-world asset management by integrating their tokens into various investment assets. This integration serves as a key to unlock unique dividend opportunities tied to the wealth growth of these assets.

2. Dividends on Asset Wealth Growth

As the investment asset appreciates and generates income, SYS7 token holders, who have staked their tokens in locked vaults for a predetermined term aligned with each asset investment, receive dividends directly proportional to their staked token holdings. In essence, your SYS7 tokens become a source of passive income, reflecting the wealth growth of the assets.

3. Diverse Investment Portfolio

SYS7 is actively developing a diversified portfolio of investment assets, offering you a wide array of choices. Whether you seek stability in real estate or the potential of high returns from dynamic startups, SYS7 provides options tailored to your preferences.

4. Locked Term Token Vaults

For those desiring stability and long-term returns, SYS7 offers locked term token vaults. By locking your tokens for a specified period, you enjoy attractive returns as the underlying assets mature and appreciate.

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 For a deeper dive into SYS7 Token and comprehensive details about our  ecosystem, please visit our documentation. There, you'll find in-depth  information on tokenomics, asset integration, staking options, and more.  Get ready to unlock the future of asset management and passive income  with SYS7 Token. Explore the documentation and embark on your journey to  financial innovation today. 
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