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Maxx Chain Network

Why Maxx Chain

Wrapped Power WPWR Style by Degen Haus
Enhanced Security

Maxx Chain has a robust security infrastructure that minimizes the risk of hacks and vulnerabilities, ensuring that your assets remain safe and secure.


Maxx Chain is not just a blockchain; it's a thriving community. We've been warmly welcomed by the Maxx Chain community, and their dedication to the network is truly inspiring. They actively support and care for the network's growth, making it a truly collaborative and resilient ecosystem.


Maxx Chain is designed for high performance and scalability, which means faster transaction times and lower fees for our users.

Multichain Capabilities

Maxx Chain is part of the multichain universe, offering interoperability with other networks. This opens up new opportunities for innovation and growth for System 7. 

The Ecosystem designed to bring real-world usage

MaxxChain is the perfect solution for those seeking a blockchain with purpose.

Maxx Chains Native Currency

MaxxChain is the perfect solution for those seeking a blockchain with purpose.

Power Coin (PWR)


Use Cases for PWR (Power) Coin

The  PWR (Power) Coin, as the native on chain currency of MaxxChain, is  required for sending and receiving payments, swapping for NFTs and  on-chain Project tokens. Transactions are verified by miners and PWR  (Power) Coins are rewarded with every block validated. Gas fees are  extremely low in comparison to other Proof of Work chains and are well  under $0.01 USD.


Network Fees

PWR  (Power) Coin is used for all network gas fees when it comes to  deployment of smart contracts, sending payments, swapping for tokens or  NFTs. Miners work to secure the network while fees are extremely cost  effective for a Proof of Work consensus in relation to other  competitors. Block rewards are capitalized for verifiable transactions.


Integrity and Accuracy

PWR  (Power) Coin under the Proof of Work consensus allows for the  verification of accuracy of new transactions that are added to the  public ledger. The integrity of data and accuracy allow for new coins to  be rewarded to the validators thus offering an incentive of  computational power to the network.


PWR (Power) Coin Supply

The  initial total supply of PWR (Power) Coin is set to 1,000,000,000 PWR.  Post launch, there will only be 730 million in circulation while the  remainder of the supply will have been burnt and taken out of  circulation forever. As miners provide computational power to secure the  network and verify transactions with every new block, a block reward of  5 PWR (Power) Coins are offered and brought into circulation every 15  seconds. This by nature makes our PWR (Power) coin inflationary.

However,  through our on-chain utilities such as MaxxSwap, MaxxBridge, MaxxFarms  and MaxxStaking, a portion of fees collected in PWR (Power) Coin are in  turn sent to the burn wallet leading to a counter deflationary mechanism  and combating the inflationary nature of the mining.


How to buy PWR (Power) Coin

PWR  (Power) Coin can soon be purchased on select cryptocurrency exchanges  that we will be partnered with for listings of our coin.

We highly  recommend to always secure your PWR (Power) Coin in your own hot wallet  such as MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet or DiveWallet as this eliminates any  custodial risks with exchanges. Additional security can be made by  moving your coins to a Cold Wallet via MetaMask.

Power Token Native to Maxx Chain
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